Press Release

SHIFTHOUND, INC., Announces v1.0 GA release

SAN DIEGO, January 15, 2009

SHIFTHOUND, INC., Announces v1.0 GA release of its online Open Shift Management and Scheduling Module that helps companies fill shifts and schedule today's workforce.

ShiftHound v1.0 delivers unrivaled Open Shift Management (OSM) and Scheduling capabilities utilizing the latest Web 2.0 technologies, including maximum visibility of scheduled and open shifts, point and click scheduling, PTO and shift swapping workflows, as well as calculation of labor costs and overtime - all through one browser screen. Important broadcasts and scheduling changes are automatically sent via e-mail and cell phone text messages to employees, eliminating manager time spent calling employees, as well as increasing accountability across the organization.

ShiftHound has a unique approach of scheduling the SHIFT, not just the employee. "Filling open shifts is the real issue for today's busy managers," says Ian Chaplin, Founder and President of ShiftHound. "ShiftHound provides automated tools that empower employees by making them part of the process, and accountable, and this approach assists managers in filling shifts across the organization. It's collaborative. Your managers can sleep at night and spend more time on the revenue generating aspects of your business," says Chaplin.

ShiftHound is valuable to any business where there is shift-based work including healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation, and many others. ShiftHound v1.0 is easy to learn and use for both managers and employees, and thanks to the power of SaaS (Software as a Service), it can be up and running in days—not the months or years required by traditional software. Adds Chaplin, "Most scheduling solutions on the market today are expensive, over-built, and difficult to use and maintain. Our product's power lies in its ease of use, and the SaaS model allows for one low, monthly charge obviating the need for expensive technical staff and maintenance fees." ShiftHound gives its customers painless, free upgrades and they can turn on functionality and modules as or when they are needed, on demand.

"We have rolled out ShiftHound quickly and easily and it is already impacting our bottom line", stated Dave McCaslin, CEO of San Diego Center for Children, one of ShiftHound's customers. San Diego Center for Children has over 300 employees caring for children with behavioral, emotional and mental problems.

"We chose ShiftHound not just because of its innovative technology for collaborative scheduling that saves managers time, produces cost savings and helps improve service quality, but also because it can create a more positive workplace environment, especially with our tech-savvy "Facebook Generation" employees. This is the strongest SaaS based offering since," says Jean Garboden, Chief Operations Officer of Ridgeline Management Company.


ShiftHound delivers integrated, customizable web based Workforce Management (WFM) solutions, such as scheduling and open shift management/optimization, that enable small and medium sized customers to leverage the features and functions of applications usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies, without the significant financial investment.

ShiftHound is 100-percent dedicated to the success of its customers and commitment to continually improving their technology. ShiftHound is committed to providing feature-rich, top-quality workforce management services at very competitive rates and prides itself for being extremely responsive and available to their customers.

For more information, please visit or contact Lisa Nappi, VP Sales & Marketing, ShiftHound, Inc., 1.888.SHIFTRX (744.3879),