Integration With Other HR Systems

It's easy to share data between ShiftHound Online Scheduling and other HR systems with our Integration Engine

Making sure that data is in sync between HR, Scheduling, and Time & Attendance systems allows your managers and staff to focus on their jobs-at-hand instead of double entering and constantly updating the same data across systems. We understand that a lot is invested in the systems you have, so we have created the ShiftHound Integration Engine to get systems seamlessly sharing data.

Integration Chart

What is an Integration Engine?

ShiftHound has created a simple to deploy integration platform that will allow our client’s current HR, T&A, and census systems to seamlessly flow data to and from ShiftHound’s scheduling solution.

The Process is SIMPLE:

Benefits of ShiftHound’s Integration Engine:

Get back to choosing the best there is to offer with the confidence that ShiftHound’s Integration Engine will deliver the seamless data integration you require!