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ShiftHound Online Scheduling Software Announces the Release of its New SupervisorView™

San Diego, Calif. March 8, 2016 — ShiftHound, the leading provider of cloud-based Staff Scheduling and Workforce Management Software, adds to the power of its solution by addressing the needs of supervisors with SupervisorView™. New levels of efficiency and accuracy are supported through instant understanding of house wide staffing, display of data for informed decision making, and the ability to act on that information instantly, all from a single screen.

Supervisors can now easily oversee patient flow and redirect and allocate resources across their organization using SupervisorView™. Staffing and census for each care area is displayed on a single screen giving supervisors instant understanding of staffing and bed availability house wide. In alignment with the busy and mobile role of the house supervisor, SupervisorView™ is optimized for desktop, smart phones, and tablets. With real time updates, they can easily monitor situations and quickly respond, from any location, as staffing needs change.

Moving staff from one unit to another can be done without ever leaving the SupervisorView™ screen. Effective staffing decisions are supported by display options that can be configured by organization, department or user preferences and include data such as overtime, seniority, and date last called off.

Operational oversight is enhanced by providing supervisors' with the ability to easily shift views to see staffing by individual department or by a particular job type, like RN or Monitor Technician. SupervisorView™ is also a powerful tool for department managers, unit mangers, charge nurses, and shift supervisors. With advanced shift grouping options, you can customize views based on their specific needs.

"ShiftHound clients were actively involved in the design of SupervisorView™," says Christian Willi, Vice President of Development for ShiftHound. "We have proven time and time again that listening to our clients is the fastest path to providing software solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their daily work life."

"We are delighted to be offering new levels of efficiency to those in the complex and challenging roles of overseeing daily operations in healthcare," says Kathy Douglas, RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer for ShiftHound. "With the right information at their fingertips, house supervisors will make better decisions and operations will run more smoothly."

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