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ShiftHound adds Shiftlets™, a flexible way to assign tasks, activities, duties, and areas during a shift, to its popular cloud-based Scheduler

San Diego, Calif. February 10, 2017 — ShiftHound, the leading provider of cloud-based Workforce Management Solutions has added Shiftlets™ to their widely popular and feature rich Scheduler, taking another step in modernizing user experiences in workforce management.

Ease of use, flexibility, and mobility are the hallmarks of ShiftHound's approach to building software. These benefits have now been applied to the assignment, communication, and tracking of activities that occur within a shift. Ideal for areas like home health, emergency departments, telemedicine, diagnostics, and lab using Shiftlets™ offers a convenient way for managers to assign areas, duties, tasks and functions that need to be covered within a work day. Assignments can be made in advance and the system can be configured to designate a specific time when they will be displayed to staff including when, or even after their shift starts. Staff can view their assignments from their phone, tablet or computer. As with all ShiftHound features, changes can be made at any time and those changes are instantly updated across the system.

One of the highlights of Shiftlets™ is that assignments are displayed right on the schedule for both staff and managers, making it quick and efficient to track the day's assignments. Assignments can be color coded for optimum visibility. True to ShiftHound's commitment to flexibility, there are no restrictions on the length of an assignment or types of assignments. The system is smart and knows who is qualified to take on certain shift-based jobs eliminating the risk of assigning the wrong person. Further flexibility allows clients to label Shiftlets™ with whatever name works best in their area. Labeling as Tasks, Assignments, Duties, or other labels, are all easily configured and supported.

Another valuable feature for those who manage assignments is the ability to see a flag if an assignment has not been filled. The system stores historical information making it easy to track and review past shift-based assignments. "By adding Shiftlets™ we have taken another step in simplifying operational workflow, enhancing communications and give managers back time" says Ken Coons, ShiftHound's VP Client Experience.

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