Our Approach

We have a unique approach of scheduling the SHIFT, not just the employee. Filling open shifts is the real issue - providing automated tools that empower employees and assist managers in filling existing shifts, new shifts, unpopular shifts, special event shifts, any shift - is the solution! We provide the automated tools and your employees are now part of the process (and accountable) and your managers can sleep at night and spend their day hours working to increase your customer service and revenues.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the future

For one low, monthly charge, let the people that built the application and know it best run it for you. This eliminates the need for buying the software and hardware to run it on, expensive technical staff to support it and annual maintenance fees, etc. We give you painless, free upgrades and you can turn on functionality and modules when you need them, as you need them, on demand.

Simplicity = Easy to Use = Greater Adoption and ROI

We know workforce management and what features and functionality are needed in scheduling and filling open shifts online. And just as importantly, which features don't work or don't provide real value. We are all tired of over-built software with every bell and whistle that just make the application more confusing to use and implement. (When was the last time you used all of the features of Excel and Word?) SMARTFORCE provides the features you really need which makes the software easier to use and leads to people actually using it! When your managers and employees start using SMARTFORCE, you will see quicker return on your investment, and reduced training time and support costs.


ABILITY® Network Strengthens SMARTFORCE Workforce Management Capabilities with addition of NOW Screen

ABILITY® Network announced the addition of a "NOW" screen to its SMARTFORCE cloud-based scheduling software, simplifying even further the complexity of healthcare staffing. In healthcare, scheduling situations can change at any given moment, requiring immediate attention and action. More…

ABILITY® Network Strengthens SMARTFORCE Workforce Management Mobile Capabilities

ABILITY® Network announced enhanced mobile capabilities available via its SMARTFORCE Workforce Management application. This release includes a new interactive calendar that not only gives quick access to one's schedule on their phone but also allows users to view and request open shifts and request time off directly from the calendar. More…

ABILITY® Network Adds SMARTFORCE Physician Scheduling to Its Suite of Cloud-Based Scheduling Applications

ABILITY® Network today announced the addition of Physician Scheduling to its SMARTFORCE suite of cloud-based workforce management products. The new application provides an interface and workflow designed specifically to simplify and optimize the unique challenges associated with scheduling physicians. More…

Why choose SMARTFORCE?

Perhaps it's because we deliver integrated, customizable web based Workforce Management (WFM) applications, such as scheduling and open shift management/optimization, that enable small and medium sized customers to leverage the features and functions of applications usually deployed by Fortune 500 companies, without the significant financial investment. Or maybe it's because SMARTFORCE is so easy to learn and use for both managers and employees, and thanks to the power of Software as a Service, it can be up and running in days or weeks - not the months or years required by traditional client/server WFM software, leading to quicker adoption and greater usage. Or it could be the unprecedented speed with which our customers can see real, tangible ROI. Or maybe it's because of our 100-percent dedication to the success of our customers and our commitment to continually improving our technology.

SMARTFORCE delivers unrivaled features utilizing the latest Web 2.0 technologies, including maximum visibility of all defined and scheduled shifts, point-and-click scheduling of open shifts, shift requests and approvals, PTO requests, and shift swapping, as well as associated labor costs and overtime - all through one browser screen. Broadcasts, e-mails and text messages are automatically sent to employees in order to notify and fill open shifts efficiently - eliminating manager time spent calling and pressuring employees, as well as increasing accountability across the organization.

Our Customers Are Saying…

"We dramatically decreased labor costs by close to a million dollars within the first year of product usage. SMARTFORCE at Summit Medical Group streamlines staffing, improves communication, contributes to greater efficiency and ultimately, produces more time for patient care."
— Karen Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Medical Group
"SMARTFORCE has been the greatest resource tool to assist with our scheduling and staffing. What used to take me hours each day managing the schedule now takes me minutes. SMARTFORCE is very user friendly and easy to learn. We went from online live to 200 employees fully trained in 1 week."
— Sterling Bronson, Salt Lake Behavioral Health, UHS
"The time our managers spend on scheduling has been reduced from 15-20 hours per week to 3-4 hours per week with SMARTFORCE Scheduler. Reducing the time spent on scheduling tasks by 75-80% gives our managers back a week of time every month to focus on other things that make a difference, like quality of care."
— Mike Easley, CIO, American Senior Communities
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