Last Minute Availability for Nurse, Call Center, and other Staff

Stop stressing over the holes in your schedule, start filling them quickly and easily with a click using SMARTFORCE

A staff member calls in sick or doesn't show up for a shift… census spikes and you must fill the scheduling hole to quickly to provide patient care levels you are held responsible for. Sound familiar? Unanticipated openings in unit schedules are one of the most difficult and time-consuming events each unit manager faces on a regular basis. Pick up the phone and start calling staff (at least the ones thought available to fill in), walk the halls and see if one of your staff can stay for an extra few hours, notify the contract labor vendors... wasted time scrambling, its all hit or miss to fill those last minute open shifts.

Well, there is a new way to cover those unanticipated holes in an efficient and cost effective manner. With SMARTFORCE's Last Minute Availability you can tap into the entire workforce of the organization that are qualified to fill the schedule opening, see who is available, hourly cost, and overtime status of each qualified person, and even if they are already working the previous shift or the one after. You then communicate to the correct off-duty staff your urgent need for help with a single press of a button.

What is Last Minute Availability?

Last Minute Availability is a tool that gives you immediate visibility to a list of staff members (on and off your unit) that are qualified and available to fill your unanticipated scheduling opening.

The process is SIMPLE:

With this process you cast the widest net to fill your scheduling hole very quickly and efficiently. You now tap into all qualified personnel in the organization to fill your open shift and not just those on your unit. Communication with many is automatically handled.

Benefits of Last Minute Availability

With real-time information at your fingertips and a system that will handle communication with staff members and process flow, you can relieve yourself of the regular stress and wasted time filling those unanticipated holes in your scheduling.