Census Driven Needs / Count Driven Needs

Automatically adjust your staffing needs based on a count input (Census, Guests, Calls, etc) with SMARTFORCE's Census Driven Needs scheduling

As your census counts change, so do your staffing needs. The cost impact of OVER scheduling or the potential for fines and negative customer experience from UNDER scheduling is on everyone's radar. Daily reports are typically generated to display how departments are handling their census changes to be "on target" but are often after the fact or are difficult to act on quickly and accurately.

SMARTFORCE's Census Driven Needs scheduling enables you to setup thresholds where the system will automatically create new open shifts or notify you that you are "over scheduled" based on your daily census counts.

Census Driven Needs

What are Census Driven Needs?

SMARTFORCE has created simple to use census-based needs scheduling functionality (or any count-based needs) that allows Administrators to create rules that will generate the exact number of open shifts needed when census count thresholds are hit.

Key Features:

Benefits of SMARTFORCE's Census Driven Needs:

Hit your staffing targets more efficiently and put Over/Under staffing in the past with SMARTFORCE's Census Driven Needs scheduling!