Control Labor Costs for Nurse, Call Center, and other Staff

SMARTFORCE gives managers the tools to proactively IDENTIFY and REDUCE cost variances

Reduction in reimbursements, decrease in private pay, increasing costs to provide care, and the uncertainty of healthcare reform are driving organizations to manage to the bottom line.

Do you have what you need to deliver?

Operating budgets are closely watched and regularly changed as your organization navigates through tough economic times. Labor is a key component and many times consumes more than 50% of your operating budget — however, most organizations don't provide the tools necessary to drive efficiencies with your staff.

SMARTFORCE's staff scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) provides you with the tools you need to drive efficiencies in your labor costs. From over/under staffing alerts and proactive overtime notifications to increasing quality of care and staff satisfaction, SMARTFORCE will help you deliver on the bottom line expectations you are being held accountable to.

Benefits of proactive staffing with SMARTFORCE:

Take the guesswork out of your labor spend with SMARTFORCE.