HPPD Scheduling for Nurse, Call Center, and other Staff

Automate “Right Staffing” with SMARTFORCE

As your unit census changes, do you struggle to know if you are staffed appropriately and most efficiently? The delicate balance of being properly staffed to state or organization ratios and lowering your cost of care is difficult to attain. Being overstaffed really drives your cost of care through the roof, but being understaffed puts patient care and compliance at risk. So what are the "right staffing" levels for your unit given the changing census?

SMARTFORCE can help you hit the target every day given any census with its Hours Per Patient Day (HPPD) automated scheduling. No longer will you guess at what is the right staffing level mix for a unit, you will know when you are over and understaffed, at a glance.

What is SMARTFORCE HPPD scheduling?

HPPD scheduling in SMARTFORCE is a tool that automates the process and gives you immediate visibility to your staffing state (under OR over the target) given any census or anticipated census for all job types on your unit.

The process is SIMPLE:

With this process you cast the widest net to fill your scheduling holes very quickly and efficiently. With SMARTFORCE you can now tap into all qualified personnel in the organization to fill your open shifts and not just those on your unit. Communication with any appropriate staff is automatically handled.

Benefits of HPPD scheduling

With real-time information at your fingertips and a system that will highlight your staffing status in real-time, you can rest assured you are staffing your unit in the most effective and efficient manner.