Improve Quality of Care for Nurse, Call Center, and other Staff

Focus on managing your staff and patients, not on your scheduling

Happy staff = staff satisfaction = reduced staff turnover = staff retention = improved quality of care

Finding qualified clinical staff is competitive, and your staff realize they have opportunities in many different organizations. Staff turnover of 50%+ isn't unheard of in some healthcare markets, which has a dramatic impact on patient care. The schedule is often cited as a major area of discontent for staff; fairness, shift selection, constant calls to help cover, too much overtime to help fill unit vacancies, etc, etc.

Create a better work environment

SMARTFORCE is a breath of fresh air for managers and staff. Gone are the days of staff being viewed as the problem, of power struggles between staff and management, of grievances being filed and of begging staff to help out.

Today SMARTFORCE empowers both managers and staff to solve the problem of scheduling for a unit, collaboratively. Improved communication and total visibility make the schedule transparent and removes guesswork. 

Benefits of proactive staffing with SMARTFORCE:

Increase staff retention and improve quality of care with SMARTFORCE.