Increase Efficiency with SMARTFORCE

SMARTFORCE can help managers save time to focus on what really matters

Demands on your time continue to increase: paperwork, census fluctuations, higher acuity, staffing fairness etc, etc. Are you taking more and more personal time just to complete the bare minimum of duties thrust upon you as a leader? With this recurring scenario, you have less and less time for direct patient care and thus your patients and staff suffer the consequences.

SMARTFORCE can help you gain back hours in your work-week that are currently being devoted to staffing and scheduling. Our clients have reported time-savings of up to 90% with the use of SMARTFORCE to schedule a unit. What used to be hours a day is now a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes at the end of your day.

Get back to your patients

Most organizations rely on pencil and paper or spreadsheets to manage the schedule.  What this means is hours and hours of manual creation, editing and communication of every change to the schedule.  A sick call, change in census or no show leave you reeling and require a lot of effort to overcome; calls to your trusted few, begging staff to cover a few hours or even taking a shift yourself.  SMARTFORCE can help you with anticipated and unanticipated scheduling changes.  Notification, identification and communication all happen automatically with SMARTFORCE giving you back time to focus elsewhere.

Benefits of staffing with SMARTFORCE:

Stop wasting time on the schedule and get back to being the clinician you want to be with SMARTFORCE.