Mobile Computing Access for Nurse, Call Center, & other Staff

On the move, take your schedule with you by accessing SMARTFORCE by mobile devices

iPhones®, iPads®, tablets, Android®, Blackberry®, Microsoft® and other mobile digital devices; our lives are more and more connected to each other — AND to our work. Studies show that we are increasingly turning to our phones and tablets for web based information and to get things done. We can pay bills, book trips, check weather, handle email, contact others and much more — all while on the go. For anyone that has a shift-based job, your schedule continually changes and opportunities to work an extra shift arise, or co-workers want to swap, so why not have all of this information with you everywhere you go while you focus on the "life" part of your "Work - Life" equation?

At the same time, those that manage shift-based schedules are constantly being contacted to review and approve changes, or find someone to fill a called-off shift or no show. Although the need for a Manager to approve changes will remain, the method of notification and review/approval can easily change (and improve) with our connected lives.

With mobile connectivity, both staff and managers can remain in contact with work needs as they focus on Life. Mobile optimized sites as well as Apps developed specifically for scheduling functionality allow anyone that has a smartphone or tablet to remain efficiently in touch with the needs of their organization wherever they are.

What do mobile optimized and mobile app mean?

A mobile optimized web service delivers the key functionality of the full version, but delivers the data arranged for a smaller screen. In addition, data load times are decreased so those on cell networks have a positive experience.

A mobile app is a software application that is specifically designed to run on your mobile device. Mobile apps are built specifically for each platform (iOS, Android®, Microsoft®, Blackberry® etc). An app is much like a mobile optimized site with regards to delivering a subset of the full version, but it runs on your phone or tablet and can continue to run while you do access other apps. You can set your mobile app to notify you (icon on screen and sound) of items you need to address or be aware of.

Benefits of Mobile Optimization and Mobile Apps

We are expected to be "in contact" even when we are out of our work environment. Shift based schedules are always in flux, so the benefits of being connected via mobile optimization and/or mobile apps are obvious:

Shift based schedules require constant visibility and management, but don't require you to be tethered to a computer in one place. The world is turning more and more to mobility of data and systems and SMARTFORCE is delivering online Staff Scheduling for the world at any time, any place.