Control and Prevent Overtime for Nurse, Call Center, & other Staff

Managers always know Overtime status with SMARTFORCE BEFORE they make scheduling decisions

You are expected to help your organization with the bottom line.  Cuts are being made everywhere and you are tasked to lower your labor spend. Overtime accounts for a major part of your labor costs, and one that can be reduced if not eliminated… but how?

Your labor spend is something you have visibility into via payroll reports and other tools after the fact, but once staff overtime has been accrued there is nothing you can do to correct it. Being reactive to your overtime spend will never get the results you your organization and you want. You need visibility to overtime at the point of decision, before it is scheduled.

What is proactive visibility to overtime?

Visibility of overtime at the point staffing decisions are being made allows you to consider other options to schedule your unit more cost effectively. SMARTFORCE gives you this visibility in all areas of scheduling empowering you to avoid overtime all together.

The process is SIMPLE:

With this process you are equipped to avoid overtime before it is scheduled and occurs. 

Benefits of overtime avoidance

Information at the point of decision empowers you to prevent scheduling overtime. Be proactive – know where you are in your labor spend at all times before you make scheduling decisions.