Proactive Staffing Management for Nurse, Call Center, & other Staff

Effective decision-making with instant visibility into your scheduling in REAL-TIME

Every so often you receive a reminder from your supervisor that you are expected to run your unit efficiently. Maybe it's your overtime hours, use of contract labor, over or under staffing, but the bottom line is that you don't know until they come pay you a visit. The problem with this recurring scenario is that you don't know the impact of your decisions until long after the opportunity to make changes has passed.

With increasing pressure to deliver financial results and staff your unit according to mandated staffing ratios, you must be proactive with all decisions and understand the impacts. SMARTFORCE provides a proactive approach to all aspects of managing the staffing for your unit: overtime alerts, total labor costs visibility, over and under staffing notifications, last minute needs, time-off, swaps and communication. You have predictive controls, alerts, reports and dashboards to help you be proactive in all aspects of scheduling.

Benefits of proactive staffing with SMARTFORCE:

Take control of your staffing situation with Proactive Staffing Management.