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Save Time

Eliminate hours spent scheduling and calling employees. Enjoy the freedom of staffing and approving requests from any mobile device, wherever you are.

Save Money

Reduce overtime, over-staffing, and temporary labor costs. Optimize the use of your resources with visibility across units, departments, divisions and facilities.


Make Better Decisions

Stop searching for the information you need to make informed decisions; it's all at your fingertips and updated in real-time.


Drive Staff Satisfaction

Staff love access to their schedule from their phones, the flexibility to pick up and swap shifts from any mobile device, and they appreciate respectful communications from managers.

Fill More Shifts

Communicate open shift needs via text or email. From any mobile device or computer staff can accept a shift with a single click.

SMARTFORCE Scheduler Feature Hightlights

Value for Everyone

For Staff

For Staff

Mobile – See and manage your schedule, get text or emails about open shifts, request time off, and swap shifts from your mobile phone, tablet or computer using our powerful native apps for Apple iOS and Android.

Respectful Communications – Eliminate phone calls. Get notifications of open shift work opportunities, schedule changes and announcements via text or email and respond with one click.

SMARTFORCE Scheduler App – Download the app for easy use on mobile devices.

Collaborative Scheduling – Become active participants in the scheduling process, be more informed and have access to more opportunities to work shifts.

iCal Export – Export your schedule from SMARTFORCE using iCal export so you can transfer your work schedule to your master calendar system.

For Managers

Optimized and Respectful Communications – Eliminate phone calls, send notification, broadcast needs and make it easy to request and fill shifts through text and email.

Intelligent Overtime Management – Don't just view overtime situation, proactively manage overtime with easily viewed options to avoid overtime.

Open Shift Management – Fill open shifts with new levels of efficiency and collaboration. Communicate needs through text message or email. Staff can respond with a single click. Managers approve and instant notification is sent.

Last Minute Needs – Easily see who is qualified and available for last minute needs and instantly communicate via text message or email.

SuperView – See and manage house-wide and/or across facility staffing on a single screen.

Staffing Ratio Alerts – Get notified when staffing levels are over or under.

Manage to Budget While Building Schedule – See total costs of each shift dynamically as schedule is created and compare to budgeted HPPD.

Staff To As Small As 15-Minute Increments – Have the flexibility to staff in varying situations.

Assignments – Divide a staff member's scheduled shift into specific assignments.

Multiple Scheduling Views – View schedule across facilities, house-wide, by department, by employee, by HPPD, by day of week.

Multi-location – View and manage schedules across locations and optimize use of the talent you have.

Smart Job Types – Handle multiple job types and limit access to shifts based on qualification requirements.

Role Based Security – Control what is viewed and what features are available by area, manager, employee or job type.

For Senior Leadership

Easy and Fast Implementation – Implemented in days to weeks.

No Training Required For Staff – Familiar mobile design makes system easily adopted by staff and requires no training.

No IT Requirements – Cloud-based model provides all maintenance and upgrades with no burden on your IT staff. If integration is desired, minimal IT resources needed for brief period.

Get Managers Back to Managing – Results in significant time savings for managers so they can focus on other important aspects of their job other than scheduling.

Enterprise-Wide Solution – Works for all departments, clinical or ancillary, inpatient or outpatient. Can standardize and simplify organization-wide approach to scheduling.

Executive Dashboards – View data organization-wide and have the option to drill down by facility, department, or unit/area.

Push Reports – Get reports sent directly to your inbox for easy viewing.

Our Customers Are Saying…

"We dramatically decreased labor costs by close to a million dollars within the first year of product usage. SMARTFORCE at Summit Medical Group streamlines staffing, improves communication, contributes to greater efficiency and ultimately, produces more time for patient care."
— Karen Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Medical Group
"SMARTFORCE has been the greatest resource tool to assist with our scheduling and staffing. What used to take me hours each day managing the schedule now takes me minutes. SMARTFORCE is very user friendly and easy to learn. We went from online live to 200 employees fully trained in 1 week."
— Sterling Bronson, Salt Lake Behavioral Health, UHS
"The time our managers spend on scheduling has been reduced from 15-20 hours per week to 3-4 hours per week with SMARTFORCE Scheduler. Reducing the time spent on scheduling tasks by 75-80% gives our managers back a week of time every month to focus on other things that make a difference, like quality of care."
— Mike Easley, CIO, American Senior Communities
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Kaiser Permanente Summit Medical Group ASC RediClinic UHS


Join the shift to modern, cloud-based scheduling and experience the transformation.

• Commitment – We are dedicated to keeping technology current—your investment never becomes outdated.
• Flexibility – Support your varying business requirements across settings, with easy configuration that you control.
• Speed to Value – Implemented in days to weeks, with easy adoption and no training requirements for staff.
• Scalable – Used in all settings, outpatient services, ancillary departments, emergency, acute care in individual departments, facilities and enterprise-wide.
• Responsive Design – Screens work intelligently to optimize screen space and readability across devices; phones, tablets, and computer screens of any size.
• Mobile – Our powerful apps (for iPhone, iPad and Android) enable users to do the same functions as our desktop solutions but are native to the device's operating system. This allows for easy syncing to your calendar, notification stream and email and text functions.
• Integration With Other Systems – Our powerful integration engine easily shares data with other HR/Time and Attendance systems such as Kronos, Lawson, ADP and PeopleSoft.
• Hassle-Free – We maintain the system for you eliminating maintenance and human resource requirements and overhead costs.
• Simplicity in Pricing Model – Low monthly fee is all inclusive. No start up costs, no hidden costs, no annual maintenance fees (exception is small fee for integration).

Our innovative 100% web-based Scheduling & Open Shift Management (OSM) product can help managers efficiently schedule their staff 24/7 (using any length shift), create a template (even with a rotation) or example model of a shift, and also lets the staff help managers fill an open shift online, see schedules and changes, request time off, swap shifts, etc. All schedules, changes, approvals, and alerts not only happen online in real time, but also are sent out as emails and text messages.

We can show you how using SMARTFORCE can save your organization money, especially if you have any overtime issues, temporary labor costs, high employee turnover, or for healthcare and nurse staffing if your managers schedule by Per Patient Day (HPPD or $PPD). Our new functionality that auto calculates the correct staffing based on defined ratios helps your managers make sure you are never under- or over-staffed.

It's as easy to use as Excel spreadsheets and SMARTFORCE can cut manager time wasted on scheduling tasks by as much as 80% and let them get back to MANAGING! Ask us how to get a free trial on the web with no need to download software or examples – just start your trial right away.

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