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- For employees

Easy to use and web-accessible to all of your employees online, anywhere, anytime

Collaborative approach enables staff to be part of the solution, they can see schedules and changes, fill open shifts, request PTO and swap shifts online

Increases employee job satisfaction, allowing more autonomy over their schedule

Staff receives Email/Text alerts when there is a schedule change, swap or PTO approval

Visibility of their schedule well into the future

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- For managers

Control labor costs - reduce over-time, temporary labor, and over-staffing

Save time and money lost to managerial hours spent on scheduling tasks

Enable effective decision-making with instant visibility of locations, shifts & schedules, employees, compliance, risk areas and budget/cost impacts

Easy to implement and use, leading to greater adoption and return on investment

Increase communication - schedules, changes, approvals, filling last-minute call-offs, alerts happen online in real-time, and as emails and text messages.

- For industries

ShiftHound can be configured for many different types of scheduling needs:

- ShiftHound Benefits

ShiftHound provides functionality for:

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