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it's not hard. it's just hard to believe it's this easy.
Scheduling and filling open shifts has never been easier.
Save time and money.
Be more efficient.
Credentialing data where you need it, when you need it.
View credential status while scheduling, get alerts when renewals are due.
Transform your time & attendance tracking.
Join the evolution to cloud-based time & attendance with Geolocation.
Physician scheduling made easy.
Real-time, convenient results in optimized communication & enhanced productivity.
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Cloud Based


Workforce Management Solutions

Innovative 100% web-based and fully mobile Scheduling and Open Shift Management solution for healthcare.
The next generation affordable, simple to use, cloud-based time and attendance system with geo-location.
Simple to use online system for storing credentials and tracking expirations with email & text alerts.
A fresh approach to physician scheduling with real-time, powerful, convenient and mobile results.


For Staff
• View schedules from your phone
• See and request open shifts
• Find others to swap shifts
• Receive alerts via text or email
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For Staff
• Control labor costs
• Leverage organization-wide talent
• Reduce time spent scheduling
• Support collaboration & autonomy
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For Staff
• Stay informed
• Monitor key statistics
• Compare data across organization
• Support healthy work environments
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For Staff
• See who is on call
• Swap shifts with other providers
• Track assignments and tasks
• Rule-based schedule preferences
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"We dramatically decreased labor costs by close to a million dollars within the first year of product usage. ABILITY | SMARTFORCE at Summit Medical Group streamlines staffing, improves communication, contributes to greater efficiency and ultimately, produces more time for patient care."
— Karen Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Medical Group

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